Interesting Unknown Siri Functions

Siri is capable of performing all kinds of functions with the sole purpose of being able to help you and maximize the user experience of your operating system. Whether on iOS, on iPadOS, on macOS, or even on tvOS or watchOS, Siri is there to make things easy for you, and its effectiveness is very high.

Unknown Siri Functions

Since its birth on iOS, Siri has evolved a lot over the last decade. And it has done so both at the software level and at the design level in the user interface of each operating system. Today, the virtual assistant in Apple products can perform functions that were unimaginable 10 years ago.

We all know that Siri offers the ability to perform a wide variety of specific actions on your phone through a simple touch of a button and/or a voice command. It even knows exactly where you have parked your car to remind you at any time.

But there are many hidden functions that not many users know about, in this article we are going to take a look at the most unknown and interesting Siri functions.

Great Siri Features

How to send messages in iMessage and WhatsApp with Siri

There are many times when the busy life that we lead in today’s society does not even allow us to take a break to pick up the mobile phone, open an application and send a message. For those moments of catastrophic chaos, Siri is an indispensable tool.

Features and Changes of SIri

Instead of opening WhatsApp or any other messaging application and typing the messages you want to send, you can simply choose to dictate a voice command to Siri so that the virtual assistant takes care of sending it for you to whoever you want and, yes, in the app you want.

To do this, simply activate Siri and say: “Send a message to (your contact’s name) on WhatsApp.” The wizard will immediately ask you what message you want to send. You dictate it and voila. Remember that you can write special characters like “open question mark” and “close question mark”.

In an alternative way –and faster by the way– you can also use the voice command: “Send the message, we meet at eight-thirty at my house to (name of contact) by WhatsApp”.

Start a video call by FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Skype with Siri

Indeed, Siri not only offers you the ability to send messages without lifting a single finger, but it will also allow you to make voice calls and video calls in applications such as WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime.

To achieve this, you just have to use the following voice command: “Make a video call with (contact name) on WhatsApp”.

But it does not end here friends, you can also send audio messages with Siri. However, this option is only available in the native iOS Messages app. Unfortunately, at the moment, it does not allow sending audio messages in third-party applications such as WhatsApp.

Read messages from your contacts

In addition to being able to send messages, audios, and calls, the virtual assistant of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac give you the wonderful option of being able to read messages.

It’s as simple as asking Siri: “Read the last message from (contact name).” The wizard will identify the last message and dictate it to you via audio. Very useful if you have your hands full or you do not have the iPhone at your fingertips.

Siri can also play games like Heads or Tails

Are you trying to decide something and don’t want to take a coin to cast lots? Easy, ask Siri. For Siri to flip a virtual coin you have to say: “Siri, flip a coin” or “Heads or tails.”

Siri Tricks

Another trick that we have discovered in iPhone Hacks is that it is also capable of throwing virtual dice and telling you what number has come up or saying a random number between the numbers you want (for example, from 1 to 100).

How to perform any mathematical operation with Siri

Who needs a calculator when you have Siri on hand? Your iPhone’s virtual assistant can perform complex math operations like “8,000 times 345 times 17.”

If you don’t understand voice commands or find it too convoluted, you can always ask Siri: “Open Calculator.”

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