How to Share your Windows Phone’s Internet?

Do you need your own computer right now, but you don’t have internet available? Or do you have a friend who needs to use the internet and is asking you to “lend it to him”?

Share your Windows Phone's Internet

Then use your Windows Phone as a hotspot: in practice, your smartphone (Nokia or other WP) becomes like a modem, to which you can connect other devices. Let’s see how it’s done.

How to activate shared internet on Windows Phone

  • Go to Start, swipe left with your finger, and go to the application list.
  • Then tap on Settings> Shared Internet.
  • At this point, put the sharing option on On and tap Configure.
  • Finally, on the Shared Internet screen, tap Done.
  • In the Network Name section, you can give your internet network a name and it is precisely the name that your friends will see on their mobile phone and to which they can connect.

Connect Mobile Internet to Your PC

In the Security Type section, you can choose whether to leave the connection free (by tapping on None) or whether to enter a password (by tapping on You need the WPA2 password). If you choose protection, you will need to enter a password of your choice in the appropriate box.

Attention: in order for you to share your internet network, it is necessary that your operator allows it (which therefore provides for the possibility of doing the so-called “tethering”, ie sharing your network with other devices) and that, obviously, the devices that intend to connect to yours have the wifi function active.

Another thing to watch out for: if you allow others to share your internet, make sure you have enough Giga, If there are many who use it, your Giga may run out too soon! This is why I recommend that you share your connection only for emergencies and in exceptional cases.

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