How To Search with an Image on Google

Artificial intelligence has really made great strides in recent years; the results are visible every day in our daily actions, which concern the interaction with home automation or with the smartphones themselves. If there is a brand that is investing a lot in this sector it is definitely Google.

Search with an Image on Google

From desktop to find the same or similar images it is possible to use Google Images and through the reverse search, it is possible to find related images and sites that have used the same images.

How to find similar images from Smartphone

One of the most popular features of the Mountain View giant is the service called Google Lens, which allows us to search for the object we are framing with the camera or a photo on our smartphones.

This is a very appreciated and above all useful service if we want to have some more details about a monument or a place that we shot some time ago. It is very useful for finding the original or similar or related images already used on the web by exploiting the reverse engineering of search engines. In this article, I talk about how image search works to find similar photos or information.

What is the Google Lens App

As already mentioned, Google Lens is serviceable to recognize what we frame with the camera of our devices or what makes up an image from our gallery; that Google was the champion par excellence for what concerns the search for information on websites is now obvious, but not everyone knows that it is also possible to use the search by images.

Image Search Engines

Google Lens is the evolution of Google Goggles, which offered more or less the same features as Lens without however supporting all the technological advances that the company has made over the years regarding artificial intelligence; if Goggles was a “trivial” image search engine, Lens is now able to provide, in addition to images similar to the framed or selected one, much more detailed information on everything we want.

The service can be used both on Android (through the appropriate app, even if the basic functions are integrated within the Google and Google Photos applications), and on iOS (in this case we will have to install the Google app and then Google Photos if we wanted to extend Google Lens also to the photos present on Google Photos).

Google Lens: how it works (Android and iOS)

Having said that, it’s time to understand how Google Lens works. Download the applications mentioned above, one of the most interesting things we can do is do a search on an image that we have saved in our gallery; then open Google Photos, open the image that interests us and click on the lens-shaped icon at the bottom; At this point, a box will open in which Google Lens will show you the name of that particular object (even the title of a painting for example), similar images, quick directions to possibly reach a place related to that object or a telephone number and many quick sharing options.

The results clearly depend on the subject of the photo; in my experience, for example, I received information on which breed of dog I had an image of, the name of a historic building, or the products related to the brand of my PC.

Another useful function is to open the Google Lens app (or the connection via the Google assistant), and discover in real-time information about the place or product we are framing with the camera of our smartphone device; in this case, therefore, it will not be necessary to go through the gallery, as the service will directly exploit the image of what we are framing.
Also in this case the results depend on the object of the photo itself, but you will always be returned at least images similar to the one framed or taken.

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