Importance of Cloud Backup

Everyone knows what a copy of security or backup is, but not everyone uses it. Rather it is usual to think in the copy of security when we need them. And then we realize that if we had spent a few minutes backing up those files that we have lost, now we would not be desperately looking for them.

Importance of Cloud Backup

Backing up your files and documents you will avoid many problems. And you go to the cloud to watch those backups, you can easily recover them from any device. Backing up to the cloud is something that many of us do, in part. Your phone Android or iPhone, for example, allows you to look at content and on your own cloud of automatic mode.

Putting the backups together with the cloud, we get the best of both. The result, more and better-protected files, easier access to those documents, the possibility of sharing them with whoever you want, and, in addition, staying better organized. Let’s see what backups in the cloud can do for us, as much in the personal area as in the professional.

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Retrieve lost data

There are many reasons why we can lose data, information, or files, like a spreadsheet or a photograph. We may have consciously deleted it given or archived or by accident. We may have changed the device and if archived or given it was left in the old one, forgotten in a drawer, sold, or given to someone.

Benefits of Cloud Backup

On other occasions, the files or lost data are on devices that we lose, that have stolen from us or that stop working, preventing us from accessing their content.

In the case of the reason for which has lost a data, an archive, or any type of digital content stored in a physical device, the result is the same. And the quickest solution is to go to backup or to the many backup copies in the cloud that we should store. Just in case.

A plan B to turn to you need a backup

One of the characteristics of backups, whether local or in the cloud, is that in the best of cases, we will never go to them. But it is better to keep them at the day as plan B, in case something goes wrong in our day-to-day.

Normally we follow our plan A, which consists of saving documents, photos, videos, etc. in the device with which we have downloaded or created said file. However, something happens, we will stop having ignited, is used. In the best of cases, this file is still available online. But yes we have created us, yes we have looked at a copy in the cloud that can easily download it.

Precisely, the naturalness of a backup is that we believe it as plan B but that we have it there, untouched. And if something happens, holding the security copy by hand, a disastrous problem if will remain a simple anecdote. We delete an archive by accident, download it from our copy in the cloud and that’s it.

Organize yourself better

The copy of security in the cloud can be used as a means of support to our personal organization. Thus, based on our work habits when working or creating files, we will get used to maintaining a version in our device and another in the cloud.

cloud backup service

The cloud offers the same advantages as an external disk or internal disk of our device. That is, we can organize files by folders, rename them, maintaining distinctive versions of a mixed document to review it in the future, etc.

In definitive terms, the copy of the security in the cloud can be used as a support for it is lost in the contents of our devices but it is necessary to keep it in order and always available.

With Movistar Cloud, by example, we can look at the contents in folders. Furthermore, its own application or organization of archives by type of contents: video, photography, music.

Watch and share a backup

One of the main advantages of the copy of security in the cloud, compared to the local copy, and that the content copy is on the Internet. So if you have the proper credentials, it is possible to access your backup from different connected devices.

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