How To Change Fonts On Android

Android is a completely open system when it comes to customization. In this field, its main competitor, iOS, is a long way off. One of the aspects that the user can modify in Android is the font. There are several ways to do it and in this guide, you will find them all.

Change Fonts On Android

Change font and font natively

Before installing third-party applications, it is interesting to check if the manufacturer of your device has included this option natively. Although not all allow it, some big brands, such as Samsung or Huawei, support this type of customization. But they are not the only ones.

In our case, we show you how to do it in the layer included by Realme, Realme UI. The first step is to visit the phone settings. Then, it is necessary to enter the customization section.

  • There, we will select the Font & display size option. As the device indicates, the current font is Roboto.
  • The device includes an additional font called Real Choice. It also allows you to modify the thickness, font size, and density of the interface elements. Finally, it is possible to purchase more sources by clicking on the More button.
  • Some store options are free. You just have to click on Apply to download and install them on the device.
  • As you can see in the following image, the entire interface uses the font chosen from the store.
    To recover the original font, simply go back to the customization section and enter the font configuration area, as we have indicated in the previous steps. Once there, choose Roboto again.

Change the font with apps

If your device does not support font switching natively, you will need to use a third-party app. A good option is FontFix. You must bear in mind that you will need root access for it to work.

Change Fonts on Your Android

  • After downloading and installing it, open it and go to its main screen. In the list of sources select the one you like the most.
  • Next, click on the download button.
  • In the pop-up dialog, use the Install button to continue.
  • Confirm the installation again with the Install button.
  • Finally, click on Reboot to save the changes.
  • When your device restarts, the selected font will be used for all texts in the system. This includes alerts, notifications, settings, and even the keyboard.

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