Share your Windows Phone's Internet

How to Share your Windows Phone’s Internet?

Do you need your own computer right now, but you don’t have internet available? Or do you have a friend who needs to use the internet and is asking you…

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Change Fonts On Android

How To Change Fonts On Android

Android is a completely open system when it comes to customization. In this field, its main competitor, iOS, is a long way off. One of the aspects that the user…

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Critical Process Died

How to Fix a Stop Code Critical Process Died BSOD

Have you booted your computer recently only to find an error prompt on a blue screen with this message “Critical Process Died Error”? Do not be alarmed, as this error…

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Search with an Image on Google

How To Search with an Image on Google

Artificial intelligence has really made great strides in recent years; the results are visible every day in our daily actions, which concern the interaction with home automation or with the…

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Sync Google Calendar with iPhone Calendar

How to Sync Google Calendar with iPhone Calendar

Google Calendar is one of the most powerful and widely used calendar applications in the world. Google is characterized by having many apps available, many of them even have exclusive…

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Calculator Tricks for Your iPhone

Hidden Calculator Tricks for Your iPhone

The iPhone Calculator has some very classic colors that are based on black, orange, and white, but few know that there is a trick to change them. It’s not really…

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